OpenVZ/Proxmox Container: rsyslog problems after dist-upgrade

Right after a update of Ubuntu Server I faced that rsyslog used 100% CPU and that /var/log/syslog got filled up with following line, which was repeated almost every second:

 imklog: error reading kernel log - shutting down: Bad file descriptor

The problem is, that rsyslog tries to log kernel messages, which is as OpenVZ/Proxmox Container default not possible - to fix this, remove/comment out following line in the file /etc/rsyslog.conf (here already done):

OpenVZ/Proxmox Container: rsyslog Probleme nach Update

Nach einem Upgrade von Ubuntu Server nutzte rsyslog plötzlich 100% CPU und das /var/log/syslog füllte sich mit folgender Zeile, die sich ständig wiederholte:

 imklog: error reading kernel log - shutting down: Bad file descriptor

Das Problem war, dass rsyslog versucht das Kernel Logging zu übernehmen, was im OpenVZ/Proxmox Container aber nicht funktionieren kann - Problembehebung: in der Datei /etc/rsyslog.conf folgende Zeile auskommentieren (hier bereits geschehen):

StatusNet too much log entries

Since a few years I've a StatusNet Microblog site, where the logging into syslog generated about 1GB entries a day. I found nowhere a nice solution, even in the StatusNet forum many people asked about the same problem - and got almost no useable answer.

Today I played around with some settings, and it seems these two changes are removing almost every logging - not very nice, but it works for me: