OpenVZ/Proxmox Container: rsyslog problems after dist-upgrade

Right after a update of Ubuntu Server I faced that rsyslog used 100% CPU and that /var/log/syslog got filled up with following line, which was repeated almost every second:

 imklog: error reading kernel log - shutting down: Bad file descriptor

The problem is, that rsyslog tries to log kernel messages, which is as OpenVZ/Proxmox Container default not possible - to fix this, remove/comment out following line in the file /etc/rsyslog.conf (here already done):

OpenVZ/Proxmox Container: rsyslog Probleme nach Update

Nach einem Upgrade von Ubuntu Server nutzte rsyslog plötzlich 100% CPU und das /var/log/syslog füllte sich mit folgender Zeile, die sich ständig wiederholte:

 imklog: error reading kernel log - shutting down: Bad file descriptor

Das Problem war, dass rsyslog versucht das Kernel Logging zu übernehmen, was im OpenVZ/Proxmox Container aber nicht funktionieren kann - Problembehebung: in der Datei /etc/rsyslog.conf folgende Zeile auskommentieren (hier bereits geschehen):

Lighttpd 1.4.35 with PFS on Debian 7 wheezy

After I wrote the howto for Apache2 now a howto for lighttpd and PFS, where I couldn't use "apt-get build-dep lighttpd" because my installed MariaDB packages blocked some mysql-dev-lib packages. Tested on Debian 7 ECC keys and ECDH ciphers working. When you've already do some compiling and apt installing, it should be simple to follow:

1. Preperation - get source and needed tools

Wrong display of free/used diskspace on OpenVZ/Proxmox containers

After I moved some OpenVZ-containers to a new server, the output of "df -h" and "du -sch /" was more different than I ever expected. I guess it was because of some old vzqota-files, because I used earlier existing VEID's.

The solution: Let the quotas get recalculated with following one-liner. Sorryly you've really to switch the OpenVZ-container for a short time offline:

# vzctl stop 199; vzquota drop 199; vzctl start 199

Replace the number "199" with the problematic VEID - now used&free diskspace should be displayed again correctly.

apt-get update: procps ... start: Job failed to start

Bei einem Server-Update eine Fehlermeldung zu sehen ist immer recht ungut, derzeit scheint es einige (wie mich) bei Ubuntu zu treffen: Procps will sich nicht aktualisieren lassen, da der Start des Dienstes fehlschlägt. Der Fehler wird bereits im Ubuntu Bugtracker verfolgt, bei mir scheinen die Lösungen aufgrund OpenVZ-Virtualisierung (bzw. Proxmox) zu passen:

apt-get update: procps ... start: Job failed to start

Seeing an error message during a server upgrade is something you don't want to see - but it seems many people are hit by that Ubuntu bug. Seems my systems were hit because I use OpenVZ (or, better said, Proxmox) for virtualizing my servers.

In the bugreport comments #5 and #11 you'll find the solution: comment out kernel.kptr_restrict = 1 or (re)move the file /etc/sysctl.d/10-kernel-hardening.conf

Now the update process can complete :)