Nikolaus Polak

In my spare time I've created and the IM-server, my work place is my own office (

Contact information:

  • OpenPGP Fingerprint: 37D4 38E9 F5F8 7A0D BE38 BE95 2D2A B08A 2EA0 8F8D (old: FACB 845A DCB7 32B1 27DC 1DF5 9B15 BCF6 D148 DB15)
  • Email / SMTP: nikolaus [at] polak [dot] email
  • Jabber / XMPP: nik [at] linuxlovers [dot] at
  • Residental address: Nikolaus Polak, Gabelsbergerstr. 17, AUT-9020 Klagenfurt