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XYZ? New domain name, small design changes - whats next?

Submitted by Nikolaus Polak on Sat, 04/11/2015 - 11:58

If you're not the first time on my webpage, you'll notice that I've changed again the domain name of this place - now it's "". A short FAQ about this change:

Why? The last years the domain name / URL of my internet presence was "", that was surely ok (because it's my full name), but for me personally it was to long, too much characters to type. When last year the new domain endings showed up I thought that this is the right time to get a nice, suitable, short name - found this one.

Why "nikolaus"? Because that's the name most people call me :) Not very creative, I know.

Why ".xyz"? Because I almost never know what I post here next. Surely, most things I post are about technical computer stuff, but sometimes I post pictures of concerts I visited or mountains I travelled to - so "XYZ" fits somehow (and it's shorter than ".info")

What happened to the "Blog" menu link? Removed it, but you find the same (and newer) content on the frontpage.

Perhaps the last change helps me to publish more posts - let's see :)

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